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Thanks to us, you can ensure professional oral hygiene.

Our teeth whitening product HOME COMFORT+ number 2174200, registered in the CPNP, as well as EXPERT 20%, reference No. CPNP: 2174194, thanks to their new, safe chemical formula, ensure the best whitening.

Our products have been carefully tested and fulfill the current EU standards according to German quality standards.

Thanks to us, you will have healthy, white teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Martin Schwarz

As the leading producer of teeth whitening and oral care products, we have developed a wide range of such: from teeth whiteners that are safe for at home use, to professional products intended for use in dental offices.

Dr. Martin Schwarz Home Comfort+ is intended for whitening teeth at home, without the care of a stomatologist.

It is safe and guarantees impressive whitening results starting from the very first treatment. The novel formula registered under the number 2174200 in the CPNP guarantees effectiveness and safety.

Some of our products, such as Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20%, CPNP reference No.: 2174194, are available only through a dentist, as the whitening treatment can only be carried out under the eye of a specialist.

Ask your stomatologist about the Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT line of products.

You can also order products from the EXPERT line on our website and carry out the treatment at your dentist’s.

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The highest quality of products

in accordance with the most current

EU and German standards.

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The lack of tooth sensitivity

and 100% safety of use.

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The highest whitening efficiency

starting after the very first treatment.


Order Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT

and offer your patients the best

whitening effects with maximum

safety and lack of sensitivity

following treatment.




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I have always dreamed of a white smile. I was not convinced about the products available on the market, and endlessly kept putting off the visit to the dentist. One day, I came across Dr. Martin; initially, I was intrigued by the stylish packaging, and so I decided to give it a try. The final effect exceeded my wildest expectations – my teeth became crystal white. I could not believe that such a treatment is possible to carry out without assistance and achieve such a professional effect. Unbelievable! This puts a stop to my complexes connected with yellow teeth.

Sophie Schäfer

My good friend recommended Dr. Martin when I asked her which dentist’s office I should go to for teeth whitening treatment. I followed her recommendation and, since then, I myself have recommended the product to all my friends. Without pain and unnecessary discomfort, I can once again take pride in having white teeth.

Mia König
web designer

I never believed advertisements, amazing weight-loss products, improving looks or a Hollywood smile. I had the same skeptical approach to Dr. Martin when my husband bought two packages and convinced me to try the treatment. My entire skepticism passed when I saw the final effect – I only regret not having heard of the product earlier.

Hannah Möller
happy client

This might sound a bit grandiloquent but, thanks to Dr. Martin, I have regained my self-confidence. After the treatment, I once again began to go out, meet new people and, most importantly, I smile more frequently. I can hardly believe how simple it is!

Lucas Bergmann