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Dr. Martin Schwarz is a German brand of oral health and dental care products. We believe that real beauty starts from a healthy, white smile. This is why we put a lot of efforts in creating a portfolio of innovative & effective products for maintaining outstanding oral health and beautiful, white smile. In our offer, there is a range of oral care products such as teeth whitening gels, antibacterial gels for teeth, toothpaste, dental care accessories, and others. Our products are registered in the CPNP, and thanks to their unique, perfectly safe formula, they ensure the best treatment results.

Our products have been carefully tested and fulfill the current EU requirements according to German quality standards.
Enjoy healthy, white teeth and a beautiful smile with Dr. Martin Schwarz oral care products.


Dr. Martin Schwarz – “Bring your smile back.”

Healthy teeth without dental plaque

Innovative solution, that reduces the risk of dental calculus formation. 

Oral health finds a special place in the profile of our business and becomes the main area of the development of our products. In order to combat one of the most common problems related to oral cavity – dental plaque, Dr. Martin Schwarz has developed antibacterial gel for teethBioscaling. This antibacterial dental gel removes undesired microorganisms and bacteria from the teeth protecting them from the creation of dental calculus. Dental calculus, if not treated – cause teeth discolouration and elevate the risk of periodontitis. Unique proportions of Bioscaling ingredients allow this antibacterial gel to remove dental plaque and unwanted bacteria from the teeth to restore the oral cavity’s natural pH.

Antibacterial gel for teethBioscaling is created for independent – at home, dental plaque removal. Bioscaling meets European Union requirements as well as German quality standards. It’s registered in CPNP. 


Effective teeth whitening

Perfectly white teeth with 100% safety

As the leading producer of oral care products, we have developed a wide range of teeth whitening gels addressed for both: independent – at home whitening sessions and professional whitening treatments in dental offices. Our products are registered in CPNP, and they fulfill EU requirements based on German quality stipulations.

Home Comfort+

Natural shade of white.

Dr. Martin Schwarz Home Comfort+ is intended for whitening teeth at home, without the supervision of a dentist. Since the kit is a twocomponent product it contains the activator and whitener. The unique formula of Home Comfort + kit is tailored for users willing to underline the natural colour of their teeth. Antiseptic properties of activator applied just before the treatment – improves the final result of the whole procedure. Gentle composition of the Home Comfort+ whitening component removes organic discolourations from teeth and restore their natural colour. The procedure is perfectly safe for the teeth and enamel. The result of the treatment restores the natural shade of users teeth.  

Expert 20%

Teeth whitening gel for sensitive teeth.

Whitening gel Expert 20% – Dr. Martin Schwarz – is a product dedicated to whitening treatments for sensitive teeth. Brightening the shade of the teeth with the usage of Expert 20% might be performed at home with dental trays as instructed by a dentist. Expert 20% might also be used in specialised dental offices and beauty salons. Carefully selected concentrations of ingredients provide easy to be seen whitening results. At the same time, the formula prevents from experiencing post-treatment tooth sensitivity. Lack of or minimal level of such discomfort makes Expert 20% suitable for clients with sensitive teeth, who are interested in the quick & effective whitening results. Effects of the procedure are visible immediately after the 1st – 30 minutes long – whitening session.

Expert 38%

Professional teeth whitening at home.

Dr. Martin Schwarz – Expert 38% is a gel product characterised by intensive whitening properties. Expert 38% is suitable for an independent whitening treatment at home, with the use of mouth trays, while following instructions of a dentist. The product might also be applied in dental offices or beauty salons. Dr. Martin Schwarz laboratories in cooperation with dental clinics specialised in teeth whitening procedure – developed Expert 38% as a whitening solution offering results comparable to those made in dental clinics. The formula of whitening gel is based on tailored proportions of carbamide peroxide, glycerol, and active ingredients, resulting in quick & impressive whitening results. The effect of the treatment is seen directly after the first 30 minutes long session. Majority of Expert 38% users underline it’s tooth-sensitivity free properties.   


The highest quality of products
in accordance with the most current
EU and German standards.

The lack of tooth sensitivity
and 100% safety of use.

The highest whitening efficiency
starting after the very first treatment.


Order Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT
and offer your patients the best
whitening effects with maximum
safety and lack of sensitivity
following treatment..


100% safety of use

Visible results after just 1 treatment

No teeth hypersensitivity



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Customers opinion:

I never believed advertisements, amazing weight-loss products, improving looks or a Hollywood smile. I had the same skeptical approach to Dr. Martin Schwarz when my husband bought two packages and convinced me to try the treatment. My entire skepticism passed when I saw the final effect – I only regret not having heard of the product earlier.

Hannah Möller

satisfied customer

This might sound a bit grandiloquent but, thanks to Dr. Martin Schwarz , I have regained my self-confidence. After the treatment, I once again began to go out, meet new people and, most importantly, I smile more frequently. I can hardly believe how simple it is!

Lucas Bergmann


I have always dreamed of a white smile. I was not convinced about the products available on the market, and endlessly kept putting off the visit to the dentist. One day, I came across Dr. Martin Schwarz ; initially, I was intrigued by the stylish packaging, and so I decided to give it a try. The final effect exceeded my wildest expectations – my teeth became crystal white. I could not believe that such a treatment is possible to carry out without assistance and achieve such a professional effect. Unbelievable! This puts a stop to my complexes connected with yellow teeth.

Sophie Schäfer


My good friend recommended Dr. Martin Schwarz when I asked her which dentist’s office I should go to for teeth whitening treatment. I followed her recommendation and, since then, I myself have recommended the product to all my friends. Without pain and unnecessary discomfort, I can once again take pride in having white teeth.

Mia König



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