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Thermoforming mouth trays

Thermoforming mouth trays – Flexi Trays

Thermoforming mouth trays set – Flexi Trays by Dr. Martin Schwarz is a dental accessory designed for independent application of various dental products on the teeth surface. Mouth trays are commonly used to keep and distribute dental specimen such as whitening gel, desensitizing gel, antibacterial gel, and others on users teeth without the help of the dentist. Thermoforming mouth trays are the DIY equivalent of professional, custom-made dental trays, that are created by a dentist/orthodontist as a result of dental impression procedure performed in dental clinics. In order to use Flexi Trays to distribute the gel on the teeth, the prior fitting procedure has to be completed. Product customization requires access to hot & cold water and several minutes of time. Fitting procedure of thermoplastic mouth trays is easy to be carried out independently at home by following 3 simple steps.

Flexi Trays

How do thermoforming mouth trays – Flexi Trays work?

Innovative technology applied in Flexi Trays development allowed Dr. Martin Schwarz and its partnering institutions to create thermoforming mouth trays of features similar to those in products made by collecting dental impression from patients. Instead of alginate used in creating professional teeth imprint at the dentist, in Flexi Trays the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate have been applied. This major change has allowed shortening the time of mouth trays creation from several days – as it takes place in dental offices, to just several minutes. Thermo-fitting mouth trays – Flexi Trays are also suitable for an independent moulding procedure at home without a need for dentist assistance. The product is intended for a few sessions only however if properly taken care of – it might be used longer. Thermoforming mouth trays usually do not provide an as close & precise fit to the teeth as the custom made dental trays made by the dentist.

Treatment features with the use of thermoforming mouth trays -Flexi Trays.

Customizable fit

Unique properties of Ethylene-vinyl acetate allows mouth trays to be easily adjustable to the shape of clients teeth. In order to provide the best results of dental gel applied into the mouth trays – they should stick into the teeth as closely as possible.


Multi-functional product – suitable for carrying out dental procedures with the use of various dental gels. Flexi Trays might be used with whitening gels, desensitising gels, antibacterial gels and other products design for oral hygiene.

Moulding procedure

The fitting procedure requires only hot & cold water and several minutes of the time. The product should be placed in hot water for 5-8s, after which mouth trays should be applied on the teeth for fitting and then immersed in icy cold water.

Application method

Product after being customized and fit to the shape of the teeth is intended to carry dental gel and distribute it on the user’s teeth. Thermoplastic mouth trays should be kept in the mouth for a period of time described in the gel instruction manual.

Premium ingredients

Flexi Trays are made of premium grade ingredients. The product does not contain BTA, Phthalate and other harmful substances. Mouth trays do not emit toxic substances while being moulded & used with Dr. Martin Schwarz’s products.


Thermo-fitting mouth trays – Flexi Trays – are intended to last for up to 5 sessions of the treatment with the use of dental gels. Proper maintenance & storage can increase the life of the product for even up to several months.

Flexi Trays
100% Safe
Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Formula
No Phthalate
Meet International Quality Standards

Why thermoplastic mouth trays – Flexi Trays?

The fitting procedure of mouth trays might be performed individually at home.
Product customisation does not require a lot of time and efforts.
Mouth trays set exhibit similar features to custom made dental trays.
The product is suitable for the distribution of different types of dental gels.
Mouth trays maintenance is effortless and easy to be carried out.
If applied properly, the product does not react with dental gels.

Who usually uses Flexi Trays set?

  • Individuals with the teeth discolouration, who would like to remove undesired organic stains from their teeth surface with the help of the mouth tray method.
  • People with high aesthetic expectations, who desire to brighten the colour of their teeth with various teeth whitening gels applied on teeth by thermoforming mouth trays.
  • Patients who struggle with an uncomfortable feeling of tooth sensitivity, and plan to use Flexi Trays to distribute desensitising gel on their teeth surface.
  • Clients who are interested in removing dental plaque from their teeth with a dental tray method.
  • Users of other Dr. Martin Schwarz’s products such as Bioscaling – antibacterial gel for teeth, TD –  TeethDesentisiser,  teeth whitening gels and so on.
  • Individuals who are using thermo-fitting mouth trays for other purposes.

Tips on how to use Flexi Trays set more effectively:

Don’t keep mouth trays in hot water for too long.

Failing in adjusting mouth trays correctly, usually happens when they are kept in hot water for too long. This is the worst scenario that can possibly happen because edges of melted trays, would stick together or become damaged and therefore useless. To avoid this problem, simply immerse the mouth trays in hot water (just after boiling) for around 5 seconds. Then carefully place the trays into your mouth for modelling.  If the outcome is not satisfying simply repeat the procedure. Don’t keep mouth trays in hot water for too long.

Use Wooden tool

Keeping a mouth tray in hot water with bare hands sometimes might be challenging. To facilitate the procedure wooden tool such as wooden cooking stick might be of use. Form only one mouth tray each time and repeat the moulding with another one. 

Suck the air / water while fitting the trays

In order to generate the best fit of the mouth trays, it is recommended to keep them as close to the teeth as possible. After immersing thermoforming mouth trays in hot water, apply them on the teeth. Use your fingers to press the mouth trays towards the teeth from both sides and inhale the air/ suck the water out from the trays. This procedure allows fitting mouth trays closer to the teeth and impacts the final result of tray customization. Remember that mouth tray fitting should be conducted with only one tray at a time, so after fitting the first mouth tray – repeat the procedure with the second one.  

Use ice cold water to harden the trays and trim

Since thermoforming mouth trays are vulnerable to thermal factors, it is advised to keep their shape after fitting with the use of low temperature. Assure that the shape of the mouth trays is properly adjusted and then place them in icy cold water. This action will prevent the shape of the trays from changing. When the desired shape is successfully achieved, trim unnecessary part of mouth trays for convenience of usage.
Kit contains: 2 Mouth Trays
Kit contains: Trays Container

Additional information about Thermoplastic Mouth Trays set

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How to adjust thermoforming mouth trays – Flexi Trays – in 3 easy steps.

Step 1/3: Submerging the tray in hot water.

Freshly boiled water pour into a flat bottom container. Allow the water to cool for a few seconds. Pick up one tray. Hold the tray’s handle while submerging the rest of the tray in the water. Keep the tray in water for 5-8s only. Do not keep the tray for too long to prevent it from melting and become damaged. Do not let the sides of a tray to stick together. Remove the tray from water and prepare for fitting.

Key elements:
5-8 s in hot water only

Step 2/3: Fitting the tray.

After removing the tray from hot water, carefully place it on one of your teeth arch. Pay attention that the tray might be very hot, wait for a second if necessary to avoid burning sensation. Keep in mind the warm tray is easier to be moulded, than a cool one. After placing the tray on teeth, suck the air and water out of the tray and press the tray against the teeth with your fingers. The tray should stick as closely to the teeth as possible.

Key elements:
Use fingers and suck the air to fit the tray

Step 3/3: Trim the tray.

If the result is not satisfactory – repeat the whole procedure. Keep in mind that heating the tray for too many times may damage it. After creating an appropriate fit, place a tray in icy cold water for a few seconds. Trim unnecessary parts of the tray such as handle, which facilitates the comfort of use. Repeat the procedure with the second tray, but place it on another teeth arch for fitting. Trays are meant to be used for several times to distribute dental gel on the teeth surface.

Key elements:
Trim unwanted area of tray & fit the second tray.

Composition according to INCI:

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

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