Dr. Martin Schwarz Bioscaling

Antibacterial dental gel to remove plaque



Antibacterial dental gel „Bioscaling” by Dr. Martin Schwarz is a formula designed to remove plaque with the use of a completely safe method for teeth and tooth enamel. It is intended for everyday dental care. An innovative formula of the Bioscaling product enables removal of plaque consisting of micro-organisms and substances of mineral and organic origin. Due to a suitably selected proportion of microcrystalline sodium bicarbonate and glycerol, Bioscaling gel ensures excellent aesthetic result and significantly reduces number of bacteria in deposits, remaining in the interdental spaces and the spaces between teeth and gums. Reducing oral bacterial flora in the mouth, results in a number of additional effects that improve well-being and quality of life of a Bioscaling formula user.

The formula of Bioscaling product ensures:

Fresh breath – its lack is often caused by micro-organisms found in plaque and in the interdental spaces.

Long-lasting fresh breath in the mouth – harmful micro-organisms decrease the pH (acidity increases), Bioscaling formula by Dr. Martin Schwartz reduces number of bacteria and simultaneously increases the pH and restores the proper acidity in the mouth.
Faster recovery after respiratory diseases – Dr. Martin Schwarz Bioscaling gel accelerates plaque removal and consequently recovery after respiratory diseases lasts shorter amount of time.

Better effect of teeth whitening pastes and gels – elimination of a thin film of bacteria on the tooth enamel makes the products and whitening toothpastes more effective.
More effective sonic toothbrush – using the product with a sonic toothbrush improves the effect of the sonic toothbrush.

The product is particularly recommended in case of:

  • plaque enlargement
  • occurrence of deposits in the interdental spaces
  • bad breath
  • low pH level in the mouth
  • frequent respiratory diseases
  • smoking
  • using pastes and whitening products

Before treatment:

  • Restore caries lesions and periodontal diseases
  • Thoroughly clean, rinse and dry your teeth.


Bioscaling gel can be used in two ways:

A) Applied on toothbrush for brushing (it is possible to mix it with a toothpaste – but not required).

B) Applied on teeth via dental trays | mount trays such as Flexi Trays.


  1. Before applying Dr. Martin Schwarz Bioscaling product, brush your teeth thoroughly, rinse your mouth with water and dry your teeth.
  2. Put a small amount of Bioscaling product in the mouth trays. The amount of gel in the mouth trays should be enough to cover the surfaces of teeth and small enough so that after applying the mouth trays on the teeth the gel did not get in contact with mucous membranes. There is also a possibility to use Bioscaling product by Dr. Martin Schwarz by putting a small amount of gel on a toothbrush and brush your teeth.
  3. Mouth trays with Bioscaling product should be placed in your mouth in the right position. If too much Bioscaling product gets in contact with mucous membranes, remove it with a dry toothbrush, a handkerchief or a finger.
  4. Wear Bioscaling gel on your teeth for 20-30 minutes. If you feel burning sensation of mucous membrane during the process of plaque removal, you should immediately remove the gel from the place of irritation using a handkerchief.
  5. While wearing the mouth trays with Bioscaling product, do not drink, smoke or eat.
  6.  Avoid swallowing the gel and the liquid after you gargle.
  7.  After the recommended waiting time, clean your teeth and mouth trays of the product and rinse your mouth.
  8. Clean the mouth trays with a stream of running water using a toothbrush.
  9. The best effect is obtained by repeating the process of plaque removal with the use of mouth trays performed one time every 3-4 days in 12-14 days application cycle. After finishing the cycle 7 days of a pause in using product is recommended.
  10.  The product can be used every 1-2 days (only once a day) for up to 14 days of the cycle, not more than 5 times a week – when applied on a toothbrush. After finishing the cycle 7 days of a pause in using product is recommended.

Do not use product if:

  • You are under 16 (it is advisable to use Bioscaling Antibacterial Gel by people under the age of 16 after consultation with a dentist)
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are taking strong drugs (psychotropic, antiepileptic, cytotoxic)
  • You are allergic or hypersensitive to oxidants, glycerol and modified cellulose
  • You have mechanical or carious lesions on the tooth surface, exposed teeth roots, temporomandibular disorders


Product requires storage that is not above 25°C, in a dry and dark place – out of sight and reach of children. After each use, wash the mouth trays thoroughly. All the kit elements must be kept clean and dry. Do not use, if any element of the kit is damaged. The kit has to be used as recommended in the instructions and used for the purpose it was intended for.


The use of strong drugs during plaque removal treatment with Biocaling by Dr. Martin Schwarz requires prior consultation with the treating doctor. If you experience any disturbing symptoms that may be associated with the use of Bioscaling product by Dr. Martin Schwarz, you should stop the treatment and talk to your dentist.