How use Flexi Trays


Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

Flexi Trays:

Flexi Trays by Dr. Martin Schwarz is a set of thermoforming mouth trays designed for an independent application and distribution of various dental specimens on the teeth surface. The shape of a product is easy to be adjusted to the user’s teeth through its thermo-fitting features. After adjusting the mouth trays properly, distribute the dental gel into mouth trays and then apply and keep on your jaws for an appropriate period of time. Since the purposes and features of dental gels vary, Flexi Trays should be used in accordance with the instructions provided by the gel manufacturer.

The product is particularly recommended for:

  • Distribution of whitening gels on the teeth surface.
  • Application of desensitising gels.
  • Use of antibacterial dental gels.
  • Distribution of other products intendent for an application on the teeth.

Product use procedure:

1. Before applying Dr. Martin Schwarz Flexi Trays set with dental gel on your teeth, adjust the shape of mouth trays to your teeth arches. 2. Practice wearing mouth trays. Apply them on your teeth and bite it gently to estimate their desired shape. 3. Pick up one Flexi Tray with an intention of submerging it into freshly boiled water for 5-8 seconds. 4. Hold the tab of a tray and place the remaining part of it into water with a temperature around 80°C. Pay particular attention to not to exceed the recommended 5-8s tray submerging time. If the tray stays longer in the water, it can be melted and destroyed. 5. As the tray soften, make sure to avoid both sides of a tray to touch each other. 6. When recommended time elapses take the tray out of the water, check with your finger if the tray is not too hot to place it in your mouth and carefully locate it on one of your teeth arches. Make sure that the tray covers your teeth properly and then use your fingers to press the trays against your teeth from both sides. While doing that suck the air from the tray out in order to mold the closest fit possible. 7. Remove the tray out of your mouth and investigate the result. If the fit is not good enough – repeat the procedure. Keep in mind that submerging the tray in hot water for too long / too many times may damage it. 8. After receiving a satisfactory fitting result, place a tray in an icy cold water to prevent it from changing the shape. 9. Trim unnecessary part of the tray e.g. a tab, for comfortable use. 10. Repeat the procedure with the second tray, while applying it on your second teeth arch. 11. Apply dental product into the Flexi Trays and keep them in the mouth according to instructions given by a dental gel manufacturer.

Do not use product if:

  • You are allergic or hypersensitive to products ingredients.
  • Application on the product causes pain.
  • Size of the product does not fit your jaws.


Keep away from heat, sparks, and flame. Store in a cool place in the original container and protect from sunlight. Keep out of sight and reach of children. After each use, wash the mouth trays thoroughly. All the kit elements must be kept clean and dry. Do not use, if any element of the kit is damaged. The set has to be used as recommended in the instructions and for the purpose, it was intended for.


The product is stable and not reactive under normal conditions of storage and use. Avoid exposure to open flame or exceeding recommended processing conditions.