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Home Comfort+

Restoring the natural teeth colour

Dr. Martin Schwarz Home Comfort+ is a two-component at-home teeth-whitening product for restoring natural teeth colour. The gentle formula of 2 components: activator and whitener, enables the effective removal of organic discolourations, which occur as a result of drinking coffee, wine etc, in a way that restores natural teeth colour. Home Comfort+ is recommended to clients interested in the gentle removal of organic stains to underline the natural shade of their teeth.

Expert 20%

Whitening gel for sensitive teeth


Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% is an effective teeth whitening gel addressed to clients with sensitive teeth.  The product can be used both at home while following the dentist’s instructions and in specialised dental offices. Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% gel quickly and effectively removes organic pigments from teeth resulting in the visible brightening teeth colour.  The gentle properties of product do not lead to tooth sensitivity. Whitening sessions are performed at home and take 30 min.

Expert 38%

Professional teeth whitening gel for trays

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% is gel with intensive teeth whitening properties. It is intended for teeth whitening treatment at home with the use of dental trays – with the dentist’s guidance or in specialised dental offices. The Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% line was created for patients expecting immediate & impressive whitening results. The effects of whitening treatment are visible immediately after the very first – 30 minutes long session. Product is safe for the teeth and enamel.


Antibacterial dental gel for teeth

Bioscaling by Dr. Martin Schwarz removes dental plaque and prevents the accumulation of unwanted bacteria on the teeth surface. Dental plaque is the unsightly residue on the surface of our teeth, as a result of the natural formation of microbial communities in the oral cavity. These biochemically formed colonies of bacteria transform into dental plaque. If untreated, it can cause tartar build up and lead to dental calculus, which is difficult to remove even at expensive dental clinics.


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