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Teeth Desensitiser TD “No More Pain” – Dental gel for hypersensitive teeth

Teeth Desensitiser TD is a dental gel intended for alleviating unpleasant tooth hypersensitivity independently at home or in dental offices. The product significantly reduces and/or eliminates the state of sensitive teeth caused by factors linked to: a change in the pH level in the mouth (e.g. acidic fruits), thermal factors (e.g. warm / cold beverages & food), tooth wear caused by brushing, exposed root dentin, periodontal diseases, teeth irritation caused by whitening treatments, grinding teeth and others.

Strong desensitising features of the gel make the product suitable for patients with tooth sensitivity of even very intense nature, providing at the same time an instant relief. The versatility of application methods, high efficiency and the high speed of product performance are the key features attributed to Teeth Desensitiser TD by dental professionals & dental clinics.

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How does Teeth Desentisiser TD work?

Teeth Desensitiser TD gel was developed in LDK GmbH R&D laboratories in response to increasingly arising issue related to teeth hypersensitivity. Unique proportion of potassium salt, carbamide and glycerol ensures excellent results of desensitization and reduction of pain. The method of alleviating tooth sensitivity by Dr. Martin Schwarz is safe for teeth and enamel and meets all applicable European standards. Teeth Desensitiser TD “No more pain” effectively soothes and eliminates toothache caused by both thermal factors (warm / cold drinks and food) and pH changes caused by, for example, acidic fruit, as well as tooth irritation caused by strong whitening preparations, tooth wear, specialised dental treatments and due to the teeth problems of clinical nature.

Precisely tailored proportions of TD ingredients effectively seal the exposed dental tubules linked with tooth hypersensitivity and physical discomfort. The unique formula of teeth desensitising gel complements the micro-cavities in the enamel structure and creates a layer on the teeth that protects the teeth against further tooth wear caused by extensive brushing and brings relief. The deposition of an active ingredient onto teeth does not only rebuilds teeth enamel and restores luster through the remineralization process, but also soothes tooth nerve function – radically decreasing unpleasant sensitivity in a long-lasting manner.

The most popular, convenient and effective method of applying Teeth Desensitiser is the use of a toothbrush. In order to take full advantage of the soothing effect of Teeth Desensitiser, it is advised to apply the preparation in mouth trays (For example Dr. Martin Schwarz Flexi Trays). This method of application of Teeth Desensitiser causes that the active ingredients of the preparation stay in contact with the teeth for a long time, and thus the hypersensitivity reduction treatment is more effective and the effect lasts for a longer period of time. Mouth tray application method is especially useful for patients with tooth sensitivity of chronic & persisting nature.

Key features of desensitising sessions with the use of TD Teeth Desensitiser

High effectiveness

The very first application of Teeth Desensitiser TD eliminates tooth sensitivity & pain caused by tooth wear, problems of clinical nature, acidic food, thermal factors, etc. and as a result providing instant relief. Strong desensitising properties of the gel makes it suitable for patients with tooth sensitivity of even very high intensity.

Cycle of product use

The product application cycle depends on the individual clinical case of a patient. The gel distribution frequency should be adjusted to the discomfort intensity and users’ expectations. The product can be applied on teeth until the desired & long-lasting effect is completed.
Consulting the application frequency with a dental professional is recommended.

Application method

Teeth Desensitiser TD gel might be applied via toothbrush for common brushing session with desensitising gel only or mixed with toothpaste. The gel might be applied on the teeth surface also with the use of custom made dental trays for shorter 30 min daily sessions or overnight applications according to individual preferences.

Short sessions

The usage of Teeth Desensitising gel TD with mouth trays is intended to last for 20-30 min, but may be extended by overnight applications if needed. It is recommended to perform desensitising treatment with a toothbrush with TD gel only and/ or mixed with toothpaste. Brushing session with the gel should last at least  2-5 min – when the state of relief is achieved.

High efficiency

2 syringes with a total amount of 10 ml of teeth desensitising gel, is enough for 4-10 applications of both teeth arches via custom made dental trays. With the use of a toothbrush, the amount of gel is enough for brushing 20-25 sessions.

Physical features

Teeth desensitising gel demonstrates strong adhesive properties and high condensation. These features allow keeping the product on the desired spot for an extended period and bringing long-lasting relief. The gel is 100% safe and does not cause teeth & gum irritation.

Teeth Desensitiser mechanism and the role of ingredients

Potassium nitrate: this naturally occurring compound significantly reduces teeth pain and hypersensitivity. Due to introduction of potassium ions into dentine micropores, this ingredient prevents unpleasant responses of teeth nerves to hot, cold sweet, acidic and other irritating food ingredients.

Glycerol: the pharmaceutical grade plant glycerol in Teeth Desensitiser TD formula plays important role as lubricant and soothener. In combination with water, glycerol protects teeth and gums from drying. Glycerol also supports retention of potassium ions in dentine micropores resulting in prolonged teeth anti-hypersensitivity effect.

Carboxymethyl cellulose: this compound applied in MS formulas is obtained from high quality natural cellulose. It is harmless and easy biodegradable. Carboxymethyl cellulose acts as rheology modifier which keeps Teeth Desensitiser in form of smooth gel.

Carbamide (urea): harmless, naturally occurring compound, in MS TD works simultaneously with potassium nitrate increasing its teeth anti-hypersensitivity properties. Carbamide in MS TD formula is also responsible for gel smoothness and comfort of application.

Sodium fluoride: auxiliary ingredient supporting restoration of natural dentine and teeth enamel structure.

Menthol: naturally occurring compound of strong pleasant smell and antiseptic properties. We use it in Dr. Martin Schwarz’s formulas in order to provide products users pleasant and refreshing feeling during applications of our products. However in small amount, menthol has also a noteworthy antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cooling effect.

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Key features of Teeth Desensitiser TD

Effective Desensitising Performance
Unique Dual Action Functionality Formula
Recommended by Dentists
2-5 min with a toothbrush | 30 min sessions with mouth trays
100% Safe
Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Halal Product
Meet International Quality Standards

Why Desensitising Gel TD?

Instant Results: Even short, 2-5 min brushing session with Teeth Desensitiser TD brings an instant relief from tooth hypersensitivity & pain.

Strong soothing properties of desensitising gel eliminates unpleasant sensitivity & tooth discomfort of even very high intensitivity.

Applying desensitising gel prior or/and after  the whitening treatment –  reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity & pain.

Dual action functionality of the gel complements micro-cavities in the tooth enamel and at the same time soothes functionality of a tooth nerve.

Various application method: Teeth Desensitiser TD is suitable for quick brushing sessions as well as extensive, overnight applications with the use of custom made dental trays.

Who Teeth Desensitiser is suitable for?

  • Individuals who are willing to alleviate tooth sensitivity & pain effectively.
  • Clients struggling with even very strong tooth hypersensitivity.
  • Patients with tooth wear caused by brushing, accidents, or other problems of clinical nature.
  • Individuals experiencing pain & unpleasant teeth reaction to change in pH levels for example after eating acidic fruits.
  • Clients coping with teeth sensitivity caused by thermal factors such as cold water, hot meals etc.
  • Patients using teeth desensitising gel to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity caused as a result of teeth whitening treatments.
  • Individuals who are struggling with periodontal diseases or exposed root dentin.
  • Patients who undertake dental scaling or other dental treatment that might result in temporal pain & tooth sensitivity.
  • Individuals who experience discomforts as a result of teeth grinding for prosthetic restorations (crowns and bridges, etc.),
  • Patients with tooth hypersensitivity as a result of undertaking orthodontic treatments such as teeth straightening with braces etc.
  • Individuals with sensitive teeth with the tendency to recurrent unpleasant discomfort without any particular reason.
  • Oral care professionals who are willing to help their patients in relieving their pain & tooth sensitivity.
  • Individuals willing to undertake the dental aesthetic procedures, but worried about post-treatment discomfort associated with such treatments.

TD Teeth


Application methods of teeth desensitising gel TD

Distribution of Teeth Desensitiser TD with a Manual Toothbrush

  • Teeth Desensitiser applied by toothbrush for brushing is recommended as its fast and effective.
  • The gel alone or mixed with a toothpaste applied directly on the manual toothbrush for brushing.
  • 2-5 min long brushing sessions once a day, or as prescribed by a dentist.
  • There is no particular application cycle. Product can be used to reach desired effect.
  • Teeth Desensitiser applied together with Bioscaling, etc significantly reduces accumulation of dental plague.
  • Using Teeth Desensitiser TD before and/or after application of teeth whiteners significantly reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity.
  • 2 syringes with 5 ml each of the gel is enough for approximate 20-25 brushing sessions.
  • Method recommended especially for patients with temporal, but strong discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity.

Application of desensitising gel with a Sonic Toothbrush

  • Teeth Desensitising gel is suitable also for brushing with a sonic toothbrush. For intensive tooth sensitiveness is recommended to use soft toothbrush.
  • Teeth Desensitiser TD may be used alone or mixed with toothpaste.
  • 2-5 min of brushing time with the use of a sonic toothbrush.
  • Brushing might be performed once a day or as advised by a dentist.
  • 2 x 5 ml of desensitising gel is enough for approximate 20-25 sessions.

 Distribution of Tooth Desensitiser TD with Mouth Trays

  • The mouth tray method is recommended for patients with a permanent – recurrent tooth sensitivity to provide long lasting effect.
  • Over night application of desensitising gel with the help of custom made dental trays. If not applicable then 30 min application sessions with the trays are advised.
  • 2 syringes with the total amount of 10ml of desensitising gel is enough for 4-10 treatments of both teeth arches.
  • There is no particular application cycle. Product can be used to reach desired effect or as advised by the dentist.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking during the treatment is not allowed.

Tips on how to use Teeth Desensitiser TD to alleviate sensitivity & pain more effectively.

Remove Dental Plaque Before Desensitising

Dental plaque is a thin biofilm consisted of dental deposits, bacteria and other microorganisms that covers the surface of teeth. Unremoved – leads to dental calculus and periodontal diseases. Dental plaque slows down the effect of Teeth Desensitisers as it blocks the access of active ingredients to the micro-pores of the teeth enamel. Using a dental gel for plaque removal such as Bioscaling or its equivalents prior to the application of teeth desensitiser – removes unwanted bacteria, allows access to dental tubules in teeth enamel and as a result, accelerates the effect of teeth desensitisers.

Choose a Right Toothbrush | Do Not Press Hard on Toothbrush

One of the major factors causing teeth sensitivity is tooth ware linked with extensive brushing. Hard toothbrushes has bigger potential to damage mechanically the teeth enamel and in a long run cause frequent state of tooth sensitivity. Patients with a problem of tooth sensitivity & pain should consider brushing their teeth with a softer toothbrush, and brush the teeth gently. The same applies to brushing sessions with Teeth Desensitiser TD.

Choose the Application Method – Overnight Application vs Quick Brushing Session

The method and application frequency of Teeth Desensitiser TD should depend on the intensity of tooth sensitivity and problem time frame. Patients experiencing intense, but temporal discomfort should consider short (2-5 min long) brushing sessions which will bring instant relief. For patients with tooth sensitivity issues developed across a longer period of time is recommended to try regular overnight applications via custom-made dental trays. Such an approach will alleviate the pain and reduce the risk of recurrent sensitivity issues in the future. The combination of both types of applications would also be a reasonable solution.

Mix desensitising gel with toothpaste

Strong soothing properties of Teeth Desensitiser TD make the product effective even if a small amount of the gel is distributed. Adding a bit of the gel to the toothpaste for brushing sessions would provide a satisfactory effect for individuals with mild to moderate tooth sensitivity problems.

Kit contains: 2 x 5ml syringes with Teeth Desensitiser
Kit contains: Instruction Manual

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How to apply Teeth Desensitiser TD:

The recommended way to use desensitising gel is to apply a significant amount of the gel directly on a toothbrush for 2-5 min brushing session. Otherwise use mouth trays:

Step 1: Prepare for desensitising treatment

Brush, rinse and dry your teeth just prior to using Teeth Desensitiser TD. The gel is the most effective when teeth are clean. Remember that the best effect is ensured by using custom made dental trays – precise impression of your teeth shape.

Key element:
– Clean teeth.
– Custom made dental trays / thermoforming mouth trays might also be considered.

Step 2: Place the gel into trays

Place a small amount of the gel into a mouth tray. The gel should cover the area of the teeth from both sides, covering esspecially the place prone to sensitivity. Amount of the gel should be small enough so after inserting trays into the mouth, the gel would not overflow on gums, but in the same time would cover the surface of teeth desired to be treated. The estimated amount of gel for each arch is 0.5-1ml.

Key elements:
– About 0.5-1ml of gel for each arch.
– Apply gel to the trays so that when the trays are inserted on the teeth, the gel covers teeth from all sides.
– The gel shouldn’t overflow on gums ( to avaoid wasting).

Step 3: Insert trays

Apply dental trays with Teeth Desensitiser TD on your teeth and keep it for 20-30min or overnight. If the gel overflows from the trays on gums, remove it from the skin with a finger, tissue or a cotton swab. Remember that, while using Teeth Desensitiser you can not eat, drink nor smoke cigarettes.

Key elements:
– Remove the gel from the skin.
– Keep around 30min.

Step 4: After using desensitiser

Rinse off your mouth with water. Clean dental trays with a toothbrush & toothpaste. Store in a tray holder.

Key Elements:
– Rinse off teeth
– Clean dental trays

Composition according to INCI:

Water, Glycerol, Urea/Carbamide, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Fluoride, Menthol, EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt)

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