Expert 38%

Teeth Whitening Gel for Trays – Professional whitening at home.

Teeth whitening gel for trays EXPERT 38% is a product with intense whitening properties that provides results comparable to those obtained during whitening procedures in specialist dental clinics. Dr. Martin Schwarz – Expert 38% formula is suitable for accomplishing the teeth whitening cycle at home with the use of mouth trays. Such a procedure for independent brightening the colour of teeth at home is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the dentist, or with the help of a specialist when visiting a dental clinic or a cosmetic office.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% gel formula contains precisely selected concentration of carbamide peroxide and other crucial ingredients. It allows safe, fast and effective teeth whitening treatment without the need for expensive lamps and additional equipment. Teeth whitening effects are immediately visible after the first 30-minute whitening session in a safe way for teeth and enamel.


How does Teeth Whitening Gel for Trays – Expert 38% work?

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% gel causes the oxidation and the elimination of undesirable organic pigments (coffee, tea, wine, tetracyclines, etc.). Thus, this selective degradation of organic materials together with the whitening properties of Expert 38% – provides excellent results, quickly and efficiently. Results of teeth whitening gel for trays  Expert 38% Dr. Martin Schwarz are visible after the first 30-minute whitening session. The final result of the entire whitening cycle usually brightens teeth by 4-8 shades. The whitening cycle should not be longer than 12 days. Expert 38% whitening gel provides satisfying results with the use of mouth trays at home as well as in dental and cosmetic offices. It happens also due to the unique consistency of the Expert 38% teeth brightening gel. Strong adhesive properties of the product and its optimal condensation – facilitate the application of the gel and improve the whitening process itself.

Collaboration with centres carrying out professional teeth whitening treatments has allowed specialists from Dr. Martin Schwarz’s laboratories to develop a unique formula of gel possessing exceptionally effective whitening properties, and thus deprived of a series of shortcomings found in other products. Whitening gel for trays – Expert 38% effectively and efficiently brightens the colour of the teeth subjected to its action, eliminating the post-treatment discomfort, or radically limiting it.

The formula of teeth whitener Expert 38% that is based on the simultaneous effect of potassium nitrate, glycerol and carbamide (released during the whitening treatment) resulted in post-treatment tooth sensitivity being minor and occurring only sporadically. Whitening treatments with the use of Expert 38% do not significantly lead to discomfort caused by the consumption of cold, warm drinks or acidic fruit.

Key features of whitening session with the use of Expert 38% whitening gel.

High effectivenes

Finishing the cycle of Expert 38% whitening sessions usually results in brightening teeth colour between 4 to 8 shades. The final results may vary depending on genetic factors, age of the user, a diet rich in intensely coloured products, smoking habits etc.

Application method

It can be applied at home with dental trays while following the guidance of a dentist as well as in dental clinics and cosmetic salons. It can be used independently with mouth trays or applied directly on teeth with the help of professionals.

High efficiency

One syringe with 5 ml of Expert 38% whitening gel, is enough for 3-6 whitening sessions. One session is counted as a procedure for both arches of teeth. The exact amount of sessions depends on the size of teeth and the amount of teeth to be whitened.

Cycyle of product use

Although Expert 38% gel provides immediate whitening results after the very first session, it’s intended for a cycle of several treatments before achieving the final results. Product is recommended to be used up to 12 days only according to instructions from the product manual.

Short whitenning sessions

Intensive whitening properties of Expert 38% assures visible results after very first 30min long treatment. Teeth whitening gel – Expert 38% is meant to whiten the teeth effectively, fast and at the best convenience of its user.

Physical features

Expert 38% whitening gel demonstrates strong adhesive properties and its highly condensed. These features allow applying the product precisely at the desired spot without the risk of letting the gel to slip off. It facilitates procedure both at home and in dental clinics.

Ingredients of the Teeth Whitening Gel for Trays – Expert 38%

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% is characterized by a slightly basic pH preventing the demineralization of enamel which can take place in the case of using products with a pH of under 7 (acidic environment). Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% gel formula containing the precisely chosen concentration of carbamide peroxide makes it possible to quickly and effectively whiten teeth without the need to apply specialized and costly lamps creating the risk of overheating the enamel of teeth being whitened. Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% whitening gel does not contain fluoride and its use does not increase the risk of the occurrence of fluorosis connected with an excessive exposition of the patient to this microelement.

Expert 38% – teeth whitening gel for trays intended for treatments at home contains an adequate amount of water which prevents the drying out of teeth subjected to whitening treatment. In the same time mentioned properties of the product ensure the healthy and aesthetic appearance of the teeth right after the very first 30 min long treatment.


Key features of Expert 38% teeth whitening kit

100 % Safe
Pain & Sensitivity Free Formula
Recommended by Dentists
30 min whitening sessions
Carbamide Peroxide Formula
Cruelty Free
No Fluoride
Meet International Quality Standards

Why Expert 38% whitening gel?

Whitening results: comparable to those achieved during professional whitening treatment in dental offices.

Minimal & sporadically experienced post-treatment tooth sensitivity. Comfort during the gel application. 

Short 30 minutes long whitening sessions that provide instant and easy to be seen whitening results.

Possibility to enjoy consuming hot & cold meals, citrus fruits after the cycle of product use.

Various methods of application: At home with dental trays; in-office professional treatment

Who Expert 38% is addressed to? 

  • Individuals oriented on achieving outstanding whitening results.
  • Patients who already undertook the whitening procedure in a dental clinic and are willing to maintain the brightest shade of white teeth independently at home.
  • Clients who are interested in professional whitening treatments without the requirement of conducting such procedure in specialised clinics.
  • Customers with high expectations about whitening results who want to avoid the risk of thermal teeth damage.
  • People using equivalents of Expert 38%, who are disappointed with whitening results, length of whitening procedure or high intensity of post-treatment discomfort.
  • Individuals who treasure the convenience of using the whitening gel independently at home and want to save time by such a method.
  • Patients struggling with teeth discolouration due to dental problems of clinical nature such as root canal treatment (endodontics procedure).
  • People suffering from teeth discolouration as a result of an intaking strong antibiotic such as tetracyclines etc.
  • Dentists for offering in-office teeth whitening treatment by applying the gel directly on teeth or as a 1st step in a cycle of whitening procedure with mouth tray method.
  • Orthodontists and other professionals willing to enlarge the amount of in-office available services.

Tips on how to use Dr. Martin Schwarz | Expert 38% whitening gel at home more effectively.

Decide which teeth to whiten.

Depending on expectations of a final result, it’s possible to apply whitening gel a bit differently. It’s possible to apply the gel into dental trays covering all teeth, however many individuals prefer to apply the product on first 4 teeth from each side of an arch. Whitening only 8 teeth on both arches (from 4 to 1 and 1 to 4) would help to save the gel for additional sessions and as a result, provide better whitening effect. The other reason is that teeth hidden deep inside the mouth are simply difficult to see. Having perfectly white “wisdom tooth” would be still very difficult to be noticed.

Replace old fillings.

Expert 38% gel does not whiten fillings and porcelain teeth elements. If your teeth have old, dark fillings in a visible area – whitening the teeth will actually create a bigger contrast & create an undesirable aesthetic impression. Replace old filling with new bright once to let people focus on this brighter shade of your smile.

Adjust your habits.

The colour of teeth depends on our daily habits. Smoking cigarets, consuming products rich in intense organic pigments such as coffee, red wine, tea – would have a negative impact on maintaining a bright teeth colour. Remember that especially between whitening sessions and just after a whitening cycle your teeth are the most vulnerable to such products and it’s strongly recommended to avoid them during this period of time.

Use professional dental trays.

Performing whitening treatment with professionally adjusted, custom made dental trays -minimise the risk of gum irritation and saves whitening gel. It happens due to the fact that custom made dental trays are simply the most precise reflection of our teeth – which makes the gel cover closely the right spot to be whiten and minimise the risk of gel overflowing on gums. Creating dental trays at the dentist/orthodontists simply pays off.

Kit contains: 5ml syringe with teeth whitener
Kit contains: Instruction Manual

Other features

of Teeth Whitening

Kit Expert 38%

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How to apply Expert 38% whitening gel at home:

Step 1: Prepare for whitening treatment

Brush and dry your teeth just prior to whitening treatment. The whitening gel is the most effective when the teeth are clean and dry. The same applies to dental trays, which will be placed on the teeth. Remember that the best whitening effects are ensured by using custom made dental trays – precise impression of the teeth shape.

Key elements:
Clean teeth.
Dry Teeth.
Dry custom made dental trays / thermoforming mouth trays might also be considered.

Step 2: Place the gel into dental trays

Place a small amount of gel on the front surface of the inner part of dental trays ( the gel should cover external surface of teeth). Apply the gel on each tooth to be whiten. Amount of the gel should be small enough so after inserting trays into mouth, the gel would not overflow on gums, but in the same time would cover the surface of teeth desired to be whiten. The estimated amount of gel for each arch is: 0.1-0.5ml.

Key elements:
About 0.1 – 0.5ml of gel for each arch.
Cover inner front surface of a tray.
Gel shouldn’t overflow on gums.

Step 3: Insert trays

Apply dental trays with Expert 38% on your teeth and keep it for 20-30 min. If the gel overflows from the trays on gums, remove it from the skin with a finger, tissue or a cotton swab. Remember that during the whitening process you can not eat, drink or smoke cigarettes.

Key elements:
Remove gel from the skin.
Keep around 30 min.

Step 4: After Whitening

Rinse off your mouth with water. Clean dental trays with a toothbrush & toothpaste. Store in a tray holder.

Key elements:
Rinse off teeth
Clean dental trays

Composition according to INCI:

Glycerol, Carbamide Peroxide, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, EDTA, Menthol

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