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Teeth whitening kit for at home discolouration removal

Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ is a two component product intended for at home teeth whitening treatment. The innovative formula makes it possible to effectively remove discoloration and plaque in a way that is completely safe for enamel.

Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ is an oxidation treatment which eliminates colored organic contaminants and returns teeth to their natural shade of white. The effects of Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ system have been directed exclusively at natural teeth, so that its application does not to effect changes to the color of fillings, veneers and crowns.

Gentle features of Home Comfort+ ingredients removes unwanted organic pigments present in products such as coffee, red wine etc. during a simple procedure performed independently at home.

How does Home Comfort+ set work?

The presence of an adequate amount of water in the formula of Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ whitening system prevents the drying of teeth subjected to teeth whitening treatment, while the presence of glycerol prevents post-treatment tooth sensitivity.

It has been scientifically proven that an excessive amount of fluoride absorbed by an organism significantly increase the risk of fluorosis. The components of Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ do not contain fluoride compounds, which in the case of, e.g. the simultaneous regular use of fluoride containing toothpaste or consumption of fluoridated water makes it possible to avoid contact with excessive amounts of this microelement.

Key features of discolouration removal sessions with Home Comfort+ set.

Treatment results

Accomplishing an application cycle with the use of Home Comfort+ usually brightens the teeth 1-3 shades. Since the product restores the natural colour of the user’s teeth, the final result of the treatment depends also on genetic factors, eating & smoking habits, etc.

Product efficiency

20ml of the gel available in a set: 2 syringes with 5ml of activating the gel and 2 syringes with a whitening specimen – is enough for 4-10 sessions. Home Comfort+ has proven to not to cause any post-treatment discomfort such as tooth sensitivity, pain and so on.

Short sessions

Dr. Martin Schwarz Home Comfort+ set was designed to be applied in a cycle of short 40 minutes session. Each 20 min long application of a whitening gel should be preceded by 20 min use of an activator which helps the specimen to provide the best final result.

Cycle of product use

In order to restore the naturally bright shade of user’s teeth, its recommended to finish a product application cycle. Home Comfort+ set is intended for frequent at home applications for no longer than 12 days. Application cycle can be repeated after a break.

Application method

The unique formula of two-component Home Comfort+ set along with its gentle oxidizing properties allow the product to be suitable for at home, independent treatments. Such sessions are usually performed with the help of mouth trays or custom made dental trays.

Physical features

Consistency of both components of Home Comfort+ is properly dense. It allows the gel to be applied precisely at the desired spot and do not let the gel to slip off. Home Comfort + characterizes also pleasant mint flavour which brings post-treatment freshness.

Components of teeth brightening set – Home Comfort+:

Home Comfort+ restores the natural shade of user’s teeth due to gentle, but effective ingredients. This two-component product is meant to remove unwanted bacteria from the teeth with the help of an activator, and then oxidize organic discolouration performed by a whitening gel. This is the reason why both components should be used together according to the instruction manual.

Component A with Activating gel:

  • An activator from the syringe A applied on teeth with the help of mouth trays – removes biofilm & dental plaque from teeth. Sodium bicarbonate present in an activating gel significantly reduces the accumulation of harmful bacteria, allowing ingredients from syringe B to interact directly with teeth discolourations.
  • The procedure requires 20-30 min long application of activating gel from syringe A directly before distribution of specimen from the syringe B. The best results are achieved by repeating the procedure several times within 12 days of an application cycle.

Component B with Whitening gel:

  • Oxidizing properties of whitener’s ingredients from syringe B – allow the gel to remove organic discolourations from the teeth and as a result – restore the natural shade of their colour. Gentle features of appropriately concentrated carbamide peroxide and glycerol remove teeth stain accumulated from coffee, red wine, etc without affecting teeth and enamel.
  • The procedure requires 20 – 30 min long sessions with the use of Component B applied right after the session with an activator. The procedure should be repeated several times to deliver an optimal result.

Key features of Home Comfort+ teeth whitening kit:

100% Safe
Recommended by Dentists
2 component formula
40 min sessions
Discomfort Free

Why Home Comfort+ teeth discolouration removing gel?


Gentle oxidizing features perfectly safe for the teeth and enamel.


Effective restoration of the natural shade of the user's teeth.


No side effects & post treatment discomfort free product.


Easy application method convenient for at home treatments.


Antibacterial properties & organic teeth discolouration removal.


Short application session suitable for independent treatments at home.

Who is Home Comfort+ addressed to?

  • Individuals who are interested in restoring the natural shade of their teeth.
  • People who frequently drink coffee, wine and consume intensively coloured products.
  • Smokers
  • Users concerned about post-treatment discomfort usually caused by strong whitening products, that Home Comfort+ is lacking of.
  • People interested in brightening their teeth colour from 1 to 3 shades.
  • Clients interested in removing organic discolourations from their teeth in a gentle, subtle way.
  • Patients with recurring dental calculus build up which usually darken the teeth colour.

Tips on how to use Home Comfort+ set more effectively.

Adjust your habits.

Naturally white teeth is not a short term goal, but a process. In order to maintain the brightest shade of the teeth, it is important to adjust habits and avoid activities that discolour the teeth. Consuming products rich in intensive pigments such as coffee, red wine etc, as well as a habit of smoking tobacco products – have a negative impact on the aesthetic of the teeth. To maintain the whitening results, its recommended to refraining from consuming such products.

Tetracycline therapy and Home Comfort+.

Tetracycline is a group of strong antibiotics effective in dealing with certain diseases. Although tetracycline delivers particular benefits, they often discolour patients teeth in an obviously visible manner. Since Home Comfort+ is a gentle specimen for teeth brightening, it has no significant effect on teeth stain caused by tetracycline therapy. If your teeth are discoloured as a result of tetracycline usage, consult your dentist for appropriate treatment.

Replace old fillings.

The formula of Home Comfort+ was developed to brighten the natural teeth only. The treatment does no effect on artificial parts of teeth such as porcelain crowns, fillings etc. Because of this reason, it is advised to change the old, dark filling from visible area to avoid creating contrast between bright teeth and dark spots on them.

Root canal treatment and Home Comfort +.

Root canal treatment is an endodontic therapy of teeth roots performed in dental clinics, that may cause post-treatment, permanent tooth discolouration. Root canal therapy often results in colour change of the tooth which was a subject to the treatment. Post treatment aesthetic complication might be particularly problematic when treated tooth is placed in a visible area, Home Comfort+ has no significant effect on brightening the teeth colour after root canal treatment. Expert 38% is addressed for patients struggling with teeth discolouration caused by problems of clinical nature. Remember that only dental specialists are able to adjust the proper treatment to a particular clinical problem. Do not treat your clinical problems without consultation with your doctor.

Additional information about Home Comfort+ set:

Kit contains: 2x 5ml of Activator
Kit contains: 2x 5ml of Whitener
Kit contains: Instruction Manual
Purchase Online
International Delivery

Composition according to INCI:


Glycerol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Water, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Polysorbate 80, Menthol


Glycerol, Sodium Percarbonate, Water, EDTA, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Menthol

The kit contains:


a package of activating substance which also removes plaque,


a package with the whitening agent


a set of thermoplastic mouth trays


instructions of use


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