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Whitening gel for sensitive teeth | Expert 20% – Teeth whitening gel for trays

Whitening gel for sensitive teeth Dr. Martin Schwarz – EXPERT 20% is an innovative teeth whitening gel for trays. Expert 20% is designed to lighten the colour of the teeth at home using the mouth tray method – in accordance with the dentist’s instructions. The product is also dedicated to professional teeth whitening procedures in specialised dental clinics and cosmetic offices. The colour brightening effects of Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% whitening gel, are based on oxidizing organic pigments found in products such as wine, tea, coffee, tetracyclines, etc. The selective degradation of substances using Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% makes it possible to get rid of undesirable tooth discolourations without causing unwanted irritation.

Specialists from Dr. Martin Schwarz, in collaboration with dental clinics,  created the formula of Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20%, that is characterized by a unique combination of whitening properties with tooth protection features. Whitening function of Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% gel is also free of imperfections which may occur when using other products. It is for this reason that Expert 20% is recommended mainly for users suffering from tooth hypersensitivity. There is no longer a need of giving up a white smile due to this post-treatment discomfort. 


How does whitening gel for sensitive teeth – Expert 20% work?

The formula of the teeth whitening gel for trays Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% allows you to safely, quickly and effectively whiten teeth at home or specialised offices. The result is achieved without the need for additional devices and expensive lamps that raise the risk of thermal damage to the enamel.

Teeth whitening gel EXPERT 20% due to it’s precisely selected proportions of water, moisturizing ingredients, and auxiliary active substances, counteracts the effect of drying teeth. The unique properties of the brightening agent Expert 20% increase the comfort during the whitening session, and also eliminate tooth sensitivity related discomfort after treatment, caused by thermal factors, etc. This means that the components of the teeth whitening gel – Expert 20% will counteract the experience of unpleasant feelings while consuming hot, cold drinks or citrus fruits – dramatically reducing post-treatment discomfort. 

Key features of whitening session with Expert 20% whitening gel. 

High effectivenes

Teeth whitening procedure with the use of Expert 20% usually brightens the teeth from 3 to 5 shades. As genetic factors, the individual composition of the teeth, diet, age, smoking habits, etc. influence the procedure – the final results may vary from person to person.

High efficiency

The 5ml syringe filled with whitening gel Expert 20% is enough for 3-6 whitening treatments. Listed amount of sessions covers whitening of both teeth arches. Amount of sessions may vary depending on the teeth size and the total amount of teeth to be whitened. 

Short procedure

30 minutes of whitening session with Expert 20% gel is enough to achieve visible results in teeth colour brightening. The formula of  Expert 20% for sensitive teeth was developed with an intention to immediately whiten teeth with a lack of post-treatment discomfort. 

Cycyle of product use

In order to assure possibly the best whitening result – application of teeth whitener Expert 20% requires product application across the period of up to 12 days. Expert 20% gel cannot be applied more than once a day. The whitening gel has to be used in accordance with the product manual.

Application method

Teeth whitening gel Expert 20% for sensitive teeth is suitable for at home whitening procedure with the use of dental trays (as instructed by a dentist). It also can be applied by professionals during whitening treatment in dental clinic and beauty salons.

Physical features

Strong adhesive features and high density of an Expert 20% gel improves whitening performance and facilitates teeth brightening procedure. The gel stays on the desired spot after an application and does not slip off of the surface of the teeth.

Ingredients of whitening gel for sensitive teeth – Expert 20%

Applying precisely selected concentrations of potassium, glycerol, and carbamide released during the whitening process reduces post-treatment tooth sensitivity, which is moderate and occurs only sporadically. The combined effects of these substances in many cases completely eliminate post-treatment tooth sensitivity.

Tooth discolouration is a frequently occurring symptom of fluorosis – an illness caused by excessive amounts of fluoride ions absorbed by an organism. Fluoride is a microelement which improves the condition of the enamel, but, in excess, can lead to adverse health effects. Due to the fact that Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% does not contain fluoride, whitening treatment does not increase the risk of the occurrence of fluorosis.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% whitening gel prevents acid-induced demineralization of tooth enamel which is observed during treatment using products with a pH lower than 7. The effect of enamel demineralization in the case of applying gel Dr. Martin Schwarz does not occur. Reduced the risk of fluorosis, counteracting drying teeth and lack of, or minimal level of post-treatment discomfort – make this whitening gel an ideal solution for people with sensitive teeth. 

Key features of Expert 20% teeth whitening kit

100 % Safe
Pain & Sensitivity Free Formula
Recommended by Dentists
30 min whitening sessions
Carbamide Peroxide Formula
Cruelty Free
No Fluoride
Halal Product
Meet International Quality Standards

Why Expert 20% whitening gel?

Lack of tooth hypersensitivity. Formula of the Expert 20% whitening gel is created for users with sensitive teeth.

Whitening results: Whitening procedure provides visible effect after just one, at home treatment.

30 min long sessions are easy & convenient to be carried out at the most convenient time and place.

Properties of the gel allow consuming citrus, hot & cold meals without unpleasant post-treatment discomfort.

Application method: Apply whitening gel into dental trays at home or undertake in-office professional treatment.

Who usually uses teeth whitening kit Expert 20%?

  • Clients oriented on achieving fine and visible whitening results.
  • People with sensitive teeth interested in brightening their teeth colour.
  • Individuals who already whitened teeth in a dental clinic, but experienced post-treatment tooth sensitivity, that motivates them to find discomfort free product.
  • Patients who are interested in professional whitening treatments, and who are not willing to conduct such a procedure in dental offices.
  • Clients who desire to have white teeth and want to avoid the risk of thermal teeth damage.
  • Customers who already used teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth of other brandsbut are disappointed with post-whitening discomfort, teeth brightening results or length of the whitening procedure.
  • Patients for whom convenience of applying the whitening products independently at home is important, or do not like visiting dental clinics.
  • Individuals experiencing teeth discolouration, even after the removal of dental calculus.
  • Customers interested in changing the colour of their yellowish teeth, but are concerned about using products with very intensive whitening properties.
  • Individuals who tried whitening treatment with the use of products with hydrogen peroxide in the formula – usually linked to post-treatment tooth sensitivity.
  • Patients who consider using a tooth whitening kit based on carbamide peroxide formula – associated with discomfort-free whitening treatments.
  • Dentists and other professionals willing to provide in office, pain-free whitening treatment addressed to patients with sensitive teeth. 

Tips on how to achieve the best whitening results while using Expert 20% teeth whitening kit at home.

Choose which teeth to brighten

Whitening kit can be used in different ways according to individual expectations. Expert 20% gel can be applied to the dental trays in order to cover all teeth, but many experienced customers prefer to apply the gel on only first eight teeth (counting from 4 to 1 and 1 to 4 of each arch). Whitening selected area of teeth arches only allows saving the whitening preparation for additional sessions. In addition, brightening the colour of wisdom teeth – or other teeth which are difficult to see – might not be visible & possible to be noticed by others.  

Replace dark fillings

Carbamide peroxide used in Expert 20% formula demonstrates significant whitening properties but does not whiten fillings and porcelain crowns of the teeth. Whitening treatment performed on teeth with dark fillings in visible areas can actually create an obvious, undesired contrast. In order to achieve the best whitening results, it is recommended to replace old fillings with the brighter once and undertake teeth whitening procedure. 

Adjust eating habits

Besides genetic related factors, a shade of the teeth depends on a handful of other determinants including consumed product, oral hygiene, and oral habits. Consuming items rich in intensive, organic pigments such as red wine, coffee, tea, smoking cigarettes, etc. – negatively affect maintaining a bright colour of teeth. The teeth are the most vulnerable to those products especially right after whitening treatment and between whitening sessions. It’s strongly recommended refraining from consuming such products especially during the course of whitening treatment and 1-2 days after finishing the whitening cycle. 

Use custom made dental trays

Teeth whitening treatment with the use of professionally adjusted, custom made dental trays – helps to minimise the risk of gum irritation and retain whitening gel. Custom made dental trays are precise impressions of the teeth arches that when applied with the gel – keep the whitener closely to the teeth surface. Using custom made dental trays provides fine whitening results and prevent the gel to overflow on gums – reducing by that the risk of gum irritation. 

Kit contains: 5ml syringe with teeth whitener
Kit contains: Instruction Manual

Other Features

of Teeth Whitening

Kit Expert 20%

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How to apply whitening gel for sensitive teeth – Expert 20% at home:

Step 1: Prepare for whitening treatment

Brush and dry your teeth just prior to whitening treatment. The whitening gel is the most effective when the teeth are clean and dry. The same applies to dental trays, which will be placed on the teeth. Remember that the best whitening effects are ensured by using custom made dental trays – precise impression of the teeth shape.

Key elements:
Clean teeth.
Dry Teeth.
Dry custom made dental trays / thermoforming mouth trays might also be considered.

Step 2: Place the gel into dental trays

Place a small amount of gel on the front surface of the inner part of dental trays ( the gel should cover external surface of teeth). Apply the gel on each tooth to be whiten. Amount of the gel should be small enough so after inserting trays into mouth, the gel would not overflow on gums, but in the same time would cover the surface of teeth desired to be whiten. The estimated amount of gel for each arch is: 0.1-0.5ml.

Key elements:
About 0.1 – 0.5ml of gel for each arch.
Cover inner front surface of a tray.
Gel shouldn’t overflow on gums.

Step 3: Insert trays

Apply dental trays with Expert 38% on your teeth and keep it for 20-30 min. If the gel overflows from the trays on gums, remove it from the skin with a finger, tissue or a cotton swab. Remember that during the whitening process you can not eat, drink or smoke cigarettes.

Key elements:
Remove gel from the skin.
Keep around 30 min.

Step 4: After Whitening

Rinse off your mouth with water. Clean dental trays with a toothbrush & toothpaste. Store in a tray holder.

Key elements:
Rinse off teeth
Clean dental trays

Contents according to INCI:

Glycerol, Carbamide Peroxide, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, EDTA, Menthol

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