Expert 20% Dr. Martin Schwarz


Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% is a product for whitening teeth in specialized dental offices. Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% Gel oxidizes organic pigment resulting in the visible removal of tooth discolorations without the necessity of applying costly lamps. The result of the treatment is visible after the very first dental visit. The product is safe and does not lead to fluorosis.


Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% is a gel intended for teeth whitening treatments in specialized dentist offices. Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% gel leads to oxidation and eliminates undesirable organic pigments bound to the tooth enamel (coffee, tea, wine, tetracyclines,etc.).

Collaboration with centers carrying out professional teeth whitening treatments made it possible for specialists from Dr. Martin Schwarz laboratories to develop a unique formula of gel containing strong whitening properties, and thus deprived of a series of shortcomings encountered in other products.

The simultaneous effect of potassium nitrate, glycerol and carbamide (released during the whitening treatment) in precisely selected concentrations have resulted in post-treatment tooth sensitivity being minor and occurring only sporadically.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% contains an adequate amount of water which prevents the drying out of teeth subjected to whitening treatment.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% gel formula makes it possible to quickly and effectively whiten teeth without the need to apply specialized and costly lamps creating the risk of overheating the enamel of teeth being whitened.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% contains a slightly basic pH, which makes the demineralization of enamel, which can take place in the case of treatments using products with a pH of under 7 (acidic environment), impossible.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% gel does not contain fluoride and its application does not increase the risk of the occurrence of fluorosis connected with the excessive exposure of the patient to this microelement.

Contents according to INCI: Glycerol, Carbamide peroxide, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, EDTA, Menthol (flavor)