Expert 20% Dr. Martin Schwarz


Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% is a product for whitening sensitive teeth with mouth trays according to dentist instructions, or for whitening treatment in dental offices and beauty salons.

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% Gel oxidizes organic pigment resulting in the visible removal of tooth discolourations – without irritating them. The result of the treatment is visible after the very first 30 min long session, and the whole cycle brightens teeth usually 3-5 tons. The product is safe for the teeth and enamel.

* the final result of brightening the teeth is usually 3-5 shades difference

* the whitening session lasts 30 minutes and the procedure cycle cannot be longer than 12 days

* 5 ml of the gel is enough for several whitening sessions of both dental arches

* the result is visible after the first whitening session, which can be carried out at home according to the dentist’s instructions.

* pain and hypersensitivity effects do not occur or occur sporadically, therefore, Expert 20% is suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth.